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What About Our Daughters vs. BET

There’s been some controversy over BET’s new show “Hot Ghetto Mess”. A fellow blogger from What About Our Daughters took a stance against the show by targeting companies that advertised during the show’s premier and it worked. Sort of. I’m no fan of BET. In fact, even if I were able to watch the network, […]

The Duggars

The Duggars are due to have their 17th baby! Wow! I’ve watched a couple of documentaries about this family on Discovery channel and I’m total in awe of how many children are in this family. The Duggars make it look so easy. And the children look so happy! (I’ve written about this family before, but […]

KAIA early in the morning

IMG_1581.JPG, originally uploaded by Shavonne. Since I’ve managed to get the blog this feature of flickr working, I’ll be posting a picture with every post. I took this at KAIA which is at Kabul International Airport. This picture doesn’t do the view any justice. The mountains were 100 times bigger in person. My camera, which […]

Toilet brush usage

IMG_1574.JPG, originally uploaded by Shavonne. This picture is displayed in the bathrooms at KAIA. Apparently someone has tried to use the toilet brush for more than just cleaning the toilet. 🙂

Stream of Conscience Post

I'm selfish or so I was told by a co-worker. His exact words were "Youdon't want to have kids because you're selfish." Let me explain the conversation at work. I mentioned that I don'tdate men with children because at this point in my life, I'm not sureI want kids. So why bother myself with somebody […]


I haven't blogged in a while. In fact, I haven't felt much likesurfing the net. I spend maybe 20 minutes a week on my computer.Most of the time I'm reading or listening to music. Oh and catchingup on Desperate Housewives. I also watched the last season of Lostand 4400 and Grey's Anatomy. Yes, yes, I've […]