Day 120

I’m watching the Secret Lives of Women on WE and the episode is about the polygamy cult, Fundamentalists of Latter Day Saints (FLDS). Scary. Just plain scary.

I remember watching the Spike Lee movie joint She Hate Me and it is about a guy who loses his job and must find a way to work. Well, his ex-girlfriend (and lesbian) goes to him and offers him $5,000 to get her and her girlfriend pregnant. Then his ex-girlfriend decides to start a business involving the guy. He agrees to impregnate women for $10,000 each! By the end of the movie, he has like 40 children and he’s in a polygamous relationship with his ex-girlfriend and her girlfriend.

I think that was the last Spike Lee joint I’ll ever watch again.

Polygamy. Not something I would ever be down with. For some reason, I had this image of women breast feeding each other’s babies and men being totally stressed out from having to please several wives. LOL!

Okay, I’ve done it again. I haven’t finished my homework and it’s due tomorrow. I will just have to write about it.

I’ve been eating too much protein. I really want some eggs. I think I will stop by McDonald’s on my way to work tomorrow and get me some Egg McMuffins.

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