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Day 305

I have to fight Drowsenon every morning when I wake up. The demon is no joke by the way. I?m certain one of these days I won?t make it to work and get fired because Drowsenon sat on chest and to keep me from getting up to look for may cellphone (which I never use, […]

Day 304

In 4 days and a wake up, the rest of Americans, the ones who value tradition and waited until Election Day to cast their votes, will vote for the next president of the United States of America. I?m not excited. I probably should have pitched some kind of ad campaign for KY Jelly. It would […]

Day 303

I was hoping of never writing in this subject again; however, it seems to overshadow issues I think are more important. I still don?t know how I feel about it. If I were religious, I would have to vote on my religious principles and say gay marriage is wrong but I don?t have that foundation […]

Day 302

When I was in Afghanistan, I read a book called Fast Food Nation. The book is about the fast-food industry and animal farming. Pretty interesting book. Anyway, my opinion of Prop 2 is colored because of the book. Basically animal farming evolved into what it is today because animal farmers wanted to make huge profits. […]

Day 301

Okay, Heroes is really starting to piss me off. I know the powers of every character on the show. I can?t believe how the characters are being written. Peter no longer has any of his powers. What I don?t get is how he was killed in the future? I mean Peter?s been in the presence […]

Day 300

Only 66 days left in 2008 and less that two weeks before I cast my vote for anyone but Obama and McCain. I?m voting based on my principles. No new taxes because I can?t afford them. I may have to rethink my position on Prop 2. I don?t have anything to blog about. I didn?t […]

Day 299

I haven?t done much of anything with my paper today, which means I?ll be working on it tomorrow and Monday. Saturday will be my free day to unwind. I do have some good news. I wrote to my instructor from my previous course about the grade I received on an assignment and he reevaluated my […]

Day 298

So, was doing some research on some of the propositions on the ballot for California. I?m very uncertain about most of the propositions as they all claim to increase taxes by billions of dollars over the next 30 years.? I?m not comfortable with raising state taxes as I feel like the bailout will result in […]

Day 297

I?ve been reading the sample ballot that came in the mail a few weeks ago. Very interesting. I?ve decided under no circumstances will I cast my vote for anyone who voted for the bailout. This leaves the two front runners, Obama and McCain, out of luck for getting my vote. I?m taking a serious look […]

Day 296

I was looking through my sample ballot and trying to decide how I will vote. So far, I only know how I will vote on three of the propositions and the rest I?m uncertain. I don?t know what to think about Prop 8.? For example, I don?t see a difference between civil unions and traditional […]

Day 295

There’s been a whole lot of talk about Joe the Plumber, especially during the last presidential debate. Who the heck is Joe the Plumber? Is he real? Does he feel like he’s getting screwed? I don’t know about Joe, but I feel like I am. I don’t look forward to November 4th at all. I […]

Day 294

OMG! I?m watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I just saw Brian Austin Green without his shirt on. I?ve been reading some stuff over the Internet about the possibility of Terminator having poor ratings. I have to wait another two weeks before I see any new episodes of Terminator. Whatever happened to seeing new episodes […]

Day 293

I was watching Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel and discovered some restaurants I?d like to try if I ever make it to Phuket, Thailand. The first stop is Mor Mu Dong Restaurant. There?s something about fresh seafood I really, really like. I would especially like to try the stuffed mackerel. I love mackerel. I […]

Day 292

I spent almost an hour on the phone with technical support trying to figure out why I kept being redirected to another website when I tried to go to class. I hate calling tech support. I don?t have much to blog about. I will be spending the next few hours upgrading WordPress and then I […]

Day 291

I have no idea what I want to write about. I just finished watching Eli Stone. It?s another ABC show and I really like it. Tonight?s episode was interesting. Jordan, the senior partner of whatever law firm Eli Stone works at, had a meeting with a mortgage lender. From what I could gather, the mortgage […]

Day 290

I just had to watch 17 Kids and Counting about the Duggers on Discovery Health because the family is expecting the 18th baby and the oldest Duggar kid is engaged! Josh and his fiancee are talking about saving their first kiss for the wedding day. Wow. I?m not mocking but dang. Wow. It?s actually admirable. […]

Day 289

My butt hurts. And I?m not saying this because I just finished watching the last presidential debate. Of course my butt spasms didn?t start until I turned on the tv to watch the debate, so maybe my body?s telling me something. My butt really hurts. In all honesty, I think Obama won the debate. He?s […]

Day 288

Okay, so I called in and left a message that I wasn?t going in to work. That?s something very rare for me but it?s a free day and I love not going to work. I got up entirely too early this morning. For a call in sick day, I should have stayed in bed until […]

Day 287

I?ve decided I will not host my blog using Mobile Me. I?m also going to look into another web hosting service because whenever I try to upgrade something I end up losing the content for my blog. It?s a good thing I archive at my blogger blog because I don?t think I can handle going […]

Day 286

I just watched a KY jelly commercial. I noticed the Yours and Mine are in a blue and a red bottle. I know you know where I?m going with this. I think it?s a sign. A sign that says no matter which presidential candidate you vote for, you?ll be needing your KY jelly. I mean, […]

Day 285

Okay, I?m half-way done with my paper. I?m hoping to be finished with it by tomorrow night. I can do it. I know I can. I have about 7 more papers like this to go and I?ll be done forever. I?m so hungry. I didn?t eat much today. I went to Winco?s and noticed an […]

Day 284

I don?t have much to blog about. I have a short weekend and a long paper to write. My goal is to get five pages done tomorrow and the last five pages done on Sunday. About Life on Mars. I don?t really get the show. I?m not sure what the significance of 1973 is so […]

Day 283

I woke up feeling a little like crap today. It eventually passed but only after several trips to the bathroom. I know, that?s just a little too much information but I have to tell someone since my dad is living in a different time zone and my mother refuses to listen at all. I can?t […]

Day 282

Yes, there?s nothing like losing money in any savings account that makes you want to jump off a cliff. Actually, it makes me want to throw people off of a cliff. Money is an issue I can understand someone becoming homicidal over. There was talk today about retirements and 401K accounts. I don?t want to […]