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Day 335

I know today is Sunday but I can?t help but comment on some stories I read about over the net about a Wal-mart employee being trampled to death during a Black Friday stampede. And apparently there was a shooting in a Toys R? Us in Palm Desert, California. Now, I was out in the early […]

Day 334

I?m half-way done with my paper and I still have more to go. I think I will stop writing at 9 p.m. and finish up the last of what I have to do tomorrow because I usually have more energy and write better during the daylight hours. I somewhat depressed as I think I?ll be […]

Day 333

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I have to divert attention to Christmas shopping. I think this time next year I?m going to go somewhere for a vacation in South America or something. Tour the Amazon. I just don?t want to be here in the U.S. November/December are my least favorite times of the year. Ever […]

Day 332

Happy Thanksgiving. I won?t be blogging today as I will be spending the day with my family and giving thanks for being alive and looking forward to the future. So, fill your bellies with whatever your family likes to prepare for the big Thanksgiving feast.

Day 331

I hate applying for Federal jobs as the application process is absolutely long. There?s a couple of forms I have to fill out and 3 questions I have to answer about my experience in three areas. One of the job qualifications is creative writing. Can you believe that? I think that?s why they want applicants […]

Day 330

36 more days until the new year! Yeah baby! I can?t wait. The end is near. The end is near. Now I didn?t do any blogging last night about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it seems Blondie (Riley) is actually from the future and she?s in the present to divert John?s attention away from […]

Day 329

I was watching a show on Discovery Health called I am My Own Twin. I can?t remember the details involving why the women needed to have DNA test done on her children, but the tests showed she was not the biological mother of her children. Her children?s DNA showed her partner (a man) to be […]

Day 328

Braiding and banding is already a part of my hair washing routine. I started doing this in college as I found it easier to comb out my hair after washing, which saved lots of time for studying. From what I?ve read, Sisterlocks require braiding and banding before washing to prevent the locks from slipping (unraveling) […]

Day 327

So, today hasn?t been any different from the previous Saturdays this past year. I have 10 weeks left in school. I?ve probably already mentioned this but I don?t think anyone, including I, can get tired of hearing that. I?m watching one of my favorite shows 17 Kids and Counting. I love watching the Duggars. I […]

Day 326

I was listening to the news and the job market is taking a serious nose dive. Unemployment is on the rise in many industries. The good news about all this is jobs in the entertainment industry aren?t being affected as the studios have recovered from the writer?s strike and are vamping up production. That means […]

Day 325

I just saw on the news how the stock prices of the major banks dropped by more than 20 percent! Holly smokes. Citi stock dropped to under $5. Wow. If you have the money to invest….just be careful. You could be buying stock that will not be worth anything in the future. I went to […]

Day 324

I?ve been reading on the Internet how the gay community is blaming and sometimes attacking the Mormon Church and the black population for the passage of Prop 8. I never had any doubt how many in the black community feel about homosexuality. A lot of blacks find it offensive to compare the Civil Rights Movement […]

Day 323

I?m watching the documentary on Discovery Health about the pregnant man. Totally weird. This is my opinion about this event: You can modify the body but you can?t change the chromosomes. Thomas is still a woman! That can?t be changed. I do think a lot about this kind of stuff. Like, what if there?s a […]

Day 322

I was going to blog about something serious, like about Obama?s BS bailout for the GM or this article I read about the Duggar family. I have the energy to make a coherent thought. I?m tired and a little worn out. I had the worst day at work. Someone wore too much cologne and it […]

Day 321

I just finished paper #2. I?m glad that?s over with. Now it?s time to relax and unwind a bit. I still have to turn the papers in but I will wait until tomorrow when the papers are actually due. I want to give myself a break before looking at my academic masterpieces one last time […]

Day 320

I managed to finish one paper today. Now I have another paper to finish tomorrow. The good thing is, the paper tomorrow is much smaller. I have a feeling it will only take me a few hours to complete. I just wanted to get this big paper out of the way because I want it […]

Day 319

Okay, so I?m going to try to finish my paper tonight. My only hurdle is procrastination and laziness. I just don?t want to do this anymore. Shavonne, you only have 11 more papers to go. Thumb twiddle was boring as heck but I was able to get more done without people walking into my shared […]

Day 318

I?m so tired of school I could vomit. How is it that people spend over a decade just going to school? Is it worth all the debt and time? I get to the point with school where I just get lazy and stop caring. At this point, being an honor grad doesn?t thrill me because […]

Day 317

I just used my Smartdisk Titanium Floppy disc drive and I was able to retrieve my creative writing assignments from 2002. Here is a sneak peek of an introduction I wrote. The assignment was to have a character I created introduce me to the class. Hope you enjoy. “My name is Maxine and I?m going […]

Day 316

I?ve been trying to figure out why my blog is getting so many views because of my posts about Sisterlocks. It turns out, I?ve been linked by I don?t know why. Bloggers like Brunsli and others actually have Sisterlocks and do quite a bit of blogging about their hair. I haven?t even been able […]

Day 315

I feel so dang stupid right now. I totally thought White Gold was an actual band. I could have sworn I saw White Gold on iTunes. It?s an advertisement for California Milk. White Gold and the Calcium Twins. Duh. Time for some Terminator. Interesting how Cameron (the fembot) uses her sex appeal to try to […]

Day 314

It took forever to figure out how to get an image from the Nova Clip Art collection into Photoshop. I?m going to have to crop in Photoshop before saving the image as I don?t like the white background of many of the images. I?m disappointed at how small the images are. When you stretch them […]

Day 313

I finally ordered the clip art collection from Nova Development. I was surprised I got the 5-DVD disc edition as advertised the product as having 49 CD-roms. I?m happy I got the 5 DVD Roms because it means I can bring my clip art collection with me when I travel. I installed a plugin […]

Day 312

I can?t believe minors in California are allowed to have abortions without parental consent. I just can?t believe it. How much sense does that make? Allow underage girls to have abortions to protect her from abusive parents? It just doesn?t make sense. If the girls are abused, then The proposition to ban abortion was defeated […]