Day 325

I just saw on the news how the stock prices of the major banks dropped by more than 20 percent! Holly smokes. Citi stock dropped to under $5. Wow. If you have the money to invest….just be careful. You could be buying stock that will not be worth anything in the future.

I went to Panda Express with some folks I used to work with. I don?t feel like blogging about that. However, my Panda Express fortune says real estate is the way to go.

All honesty, I don?t see anything with the economy getting better anytime soon. It?s getting pretty scary. Is the world coming to an end? Is this really the beginning of something more devastating than the Great Depression? How long will it last?

I desperately need a vacation. Someplace like outer space.

That is it about the new movie Twilight? People are sleeping outside just to see the movie. Is this going to be a real blockbuster? I guess I?ll be taking a trip to the movies this weekend. I also want to see the new Will Smith movie. I think it will be good. I didn?t care much for I am Legend. I don?t really understand what his movie is about.

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