Day 326

I was listening to the news and the job market is taking a serious nose dive. Unemployment is on the rise in many industries. The good news about all this is jobs in the entertainment industry aren?t being affected as the studios have recovered from the writer?s strike and are vamping up production. That means good news for me. I need to start submitting my resume asap if I plan to leave my current employer next year.

I?ve been thinking about my blogging for next year. I think I?m going to create a new category to document the Obama years. I?m going to call the category Obama Years. I?d just like to warn folks that I will not spend all my time blogging about the soon-to-be president; however, I will occasionally blog about any of his policies I think are complete poppycock. So I guestimate I will be writing a few posts every month.

Oh, I just cannot wait until I?m done with school. I have 10 weeks left.? 10 weeks!

I had an interesting conversation with Mom.

Mom: Guess who?s pregnant?
Me: I don?t care.
Mom: Well, guess who got married?
Me: I don?t care.
Mom: Well, N is married and his wife is four weeks pregnant.
Me: Didn?t they get married in October?
Mom: Well, they snuck off and secretly got married in September.
Me: Well, R must be happy she?s going to be a grandma.

Well, I have to get to cracking on my paper for this week. 10 more papers to go. My gosh I can?t wait to be done with this mess.

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