Day 327

So, today hasn?t been any different from the previous Saturdays this past year. I have 10 weeks left in school. I?ve probably already mentioned this but I don?t think anyone, including I, can get tired of hearing that.

I?m watching one of my favorite shows 17 Kids and Counting. I love watching the Duggars. I think they have something. I?m not sure what it is but I watching this family despite some people reading more into Duggar lifestyle than there really is. I don?t see anything racist about them having so many children. I think the Duggar children all have different personalities.

I took a weird body quiz and one of the questions was

What would happen if you never brushed your hair?

  1. It would fall out.
  2. It would stop growing.
  3. It would grow faster.
  4. It would form dreadlocks.

I got 7 out of 10 right, which I supposed is about right for me when it comes to multiple-choice questions.

I went about looking for jobs to apply for. There?s a job I have my eye on. I have to have my application packet in my December 15. So, I guess I will take Wednesday off so I can work on my resume packet that way I can get in the mail by next Saturday.

I have this thing for watching Man vs Wild and Survivorman. Great shows. However, whatever Bear Grylls and Les Stroud call protein, I call worms. I think the things they are willing to put in their mouths are interesting.

Well, I need to wash my hair. My scalp is flaking really bad and it feels greasy. I need to make an appointment to see a doctor about this issue.

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