Day 328

Braiding and banding is already a part of my hair washing routine. I started doing this in college as I found it easier to comb out my hair after washing, which saved lots of time for studying.

From what I?ve read, Sisterlocks require braiding and banding before washing to prevent the locks from slipping (unraveling) during the washing process. I?m already starting with good habits.

Did I mention I sleep with my hair wrapped?

I don’t know how much longer it will be if I decide to get Sisterlocks as I still haven’t found any information on consultants in California. My number 1 choice is still Phyllis Johnson despite her living in Delaware and not being listed on the Sisterlocks Web site.

Can you imagine putting up to 16 inches of hair in the Sisterlock pattern? How long do you think that would take? 4 days?

I didn’t get much of a good night’s sleep last night. I had a dream about a war. It was a bad one, one that actually made it to American shores. My dream was nothing like Pearl Harbor or 9-11. Much, much worse and last night’s wasn’t the first time.

I also dreamed someone I know got back together with her ex-boyfriend. For some odd reason, I don’t think this conversation was a dream. I could be wrong. I will ask on Tuesday.

2 Responses to “Day 328”

  1. Eve says:

    Your hair is beautiful. I keep having the same occuring dream of something horrific happening like what you described. It feels so real. I can not shake it. I went to search on the internet and there is a woman named Ruth Montgomery who has made predictions of this nature. But she also says that people will come together afterwards. Check out the shift movie on google. You are not crazy and neither am i.

    • Shavonne says:

      Thank you and thanks for visiting. I’m hoping my dreams are just job related (meaning I just hate my job) as when I was in the military, I often had disturbing dreams. They all went away when I got out. -Shavonne