Day 329

I was watching a show on Discovery Health called I am My Own Twin. I can?t remember the details involving why the women needed to have DNA test done on her children, but the tests showed she was not the biological mother of her children. Her children?s DNA showed her partner (a man) to be the father but the woman was not the biological mother.

Apparently it is possible for one person to have two different sets of DNA. This woman is Chimera. Anyway I thought it was interesting that the cells in the woman?s reproductive organs contained different DNA from cells in the rest of her body. Chimerism probably happens a lot. Most Chimera people have physical characteristics like being intersexed (having both male and female sex organs).

Anyway it got me all thinking about homosexuality and how I suspect it is the result of something that can be found in DNA.

Anyway. I was going to blog about Obama?s stimulus package but decided to change my mind as I will have the next 4 years to blog about his presidency. I should spend the rest of the year blogging about other stuff.

I wanted to blog about something else but I can?t remember.

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