Day 330

36 more days until the new year! Yeah baby! I can?t wait. The end is near. The end is near.

Now I didn?t do any blogging last night about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it seems Blondie (Riley) is actually from the future and she?s in the present to divert John?s attention away from his fembot (Cameron). I suspect John and Cameron somehow develop a romantic relationship. I mean, she wouldn?t be valuable if she couldn?t feel, right?

Which got me thinking about my manbot (if it was ever possible to have one). He would be silent type, good with his hands, and have great man nipples, and strong arms. He?d look like Matthew McConaughey or Gerry Butler in 300. Totally hot!

I went to Panda Express today, what you see above is what was in my fortune cookie. What the heck does that crap mean? Couldn?t the dang cookie just give me some winning lottery numbers?

I have no idea of what else to blog about. I have to get up early and run to the post office and then I have to work on my resume packet for that job I?m applying for. I have until the 15 of December to get it done but I think I want to get it in the mail this weekend. The quicker I can get away from my current employer the better as I?m just miserable.

Why couldn?t that dang fortune cookie give me some winning lottery numbers?

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