Day 343

I almost forgot to blog. I?ve been getting my application packets together. For some reason, I?m not satisfied with my answers to the three questions they want me to answer. I hate this as I wanted to FedEx my packets Tuesday afternoon. Something on the news made me think I really need to make my answers good. I think I?m paranoid. I went into super depression mode this weekend and could barely get out of bed. It took forever for my instructor to post the grade on the paper I turned in last week. I thought for sure I had bombed it.

Anyway, I don?t have much else to blog about. I don?t know why I?m having such issues with those three questions. I guess it just feels like I?m repeating everything I?ve already put in my resume, which has paranoid that they want something brilliant. I should just send what I have and not worry about it. I?ll get called for an interview if I get called for an interview.

I hate essays. I?ll finish it up tomorrow at Thumb Twiddle. Maybe I?ll be able to think better once I?ve slept on it. Yes, working on this this weekend was a bust. The depression got the best of me. I need to hurry and finish school.

You know, I?ve watching the news a lot lately. Very depressing. I think that?s one of the reasons why I feel like applying for this job is pointless. There are so many people who are probably applying for the same job that I don?t feel like my resume/application packet stands out.

I need to stop watching the news.

Oh, I just heard a story about how dogs are smarter than we think. Now I feel really guilty because I tell my dog he?s stupid sometimes. But I do it in a loving way. I also call him fat (but he is) at the moment, he looks like a giant hair ball with legs. (He?s gotten his winter coat). He?s so pretty and I let him know that he?s all beauty and no brains.

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