Day 347

19 days until this year is over! I?m so excited. I just want to skip the next 3 weeks and get on with 2009. Next year will be an interesting year.

The picture you see is of my inflamed taste bud. It?s actually quite small compared to the inflamed taste bud I had when I was in Afghanistan. That one was 3 times bigger and it was very uncomfortable.

I really need to go to bed. I haven?t been able to sleep for a while. I keep having those bad dreams. I?m almost certain they have more to do with work than anything else as I can feel some major drama brewing. I just hope I?m gone before the crap hits the fan.

I don?t have anything to report about my hair. It?s still wild and in need of a good trimming. I won?t have time to get my hair done until next year.

Sorry I don?t have more to blog about. Well, I?m off to bed.

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