Day 348

I slept over 13 hours. I went to bed around 9 last night and didn?t get out of the bed until around 10 this morning. I just want to get back in my bed. But I have another paper to write. Six more papers to go and I will be able to spend my weekends doing what I want to do.

Speaking of which, I got my mom the wrong Wii game for Christmas. She kept saying something about a mat so I when I found a game that had a mat with it I bought it thinking it?s what she wanted but it turns out it isn?t. I should have just given her an amazon gift card so she could order her own game. I love gift cards.

Which brings me to those people who have to have something to open on Christmas Day. Wrap their gift card in a big box. You can put a bag of rice or beans in the box to give it weight. Probably not the most kosher, but I?m not much of a Christmas person. I prefer any holiday but Christmas.

Let me try to finish my paper. It shouldn?t take me long as it is fairly short. I do have to compile all the papers I?ve written for this class into one document and add a few more sections. I need to get a good grade on all my papers to pull of an A- in this course. I hate school.

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