Day 349

I always feel better after talking to my dad. I called him today and got some advice on investing and property management.

I also answered my phone. I normally don?t if I don?t recognize the phone number but I?ve been submitting my resume for different jobs and I?m expecting some phone calls. It was this lady who is an independent consultant for Arbonne. I met her at this boutique thingee I went to last weekend. Anyway. I need to stop giving those consultants my phone number.

Arbonne products are way too expensive. The facial cleansing kit this lady is trying to sell is almost $300! I don?t even want to try the sample she gave me because I don?t want to give her the illusion that I will buy her products.

Anyway, I?m going to call her tomorrow and let her know there?s no point in meeting her this Wednesday as I don?t need any information about products I have no desire or pocket book to buy. Plus, black doesn?t crack. I will never need botox.

I need to work on my paper all day today. Saturday was my screw school day and I sat around and surfed the net and downloaded some tv script templates and watched Man vs Wild. I love that show. I noticed Survivorman is in its last season. The series finale airs sometime this year or next year or something. I wasn?t paying attention.

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