Day 350

I should be hearing something sometime next year on those jobs I applied for. I?m looking forward to the break from school as I find school absolutely draining and the papers just don?t seem to go away.

Anyways, I found some time to surf the web and came across some video footage of President Bush dodging the shoes of some Iraqi journalist. The video is quite funny but I just don?t understand why anyone would want to see the shoe actually hit President of the United States upside the head.

Or in the face.

Bush shoe dodging

I can?t stop watching it. It?s more funny than the SNL Sarah Palin skits. I?m glad he was able to dodge those shoes.

Anyway, I wish my web hosting service provider would react to the database error with the same kind of quickness Bush managed do dodge those shoes with. I hate not being able to assess my blog.

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