Day 351

I think I may have mentioned I watched?An Inconvenient Truth, that documentary by Al Gore. I thought it was interesting and I?m not sure I believe everything the documentary had to say. For example, I don?t believe man can stop global warming. Also, even if man didn?t invent the technology that?s contributing to the destruction of the Earth, I still think global warming would still occur, if that?s what is indeed what?s happening.

Take for instance the issue of carbon dioxide, which is a gas man and every other air breathing animal on the earth exhales. The simple act of billions of people breathing (and farting) contribute to the high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Granted, driving around cars doesn?t help, but can you imagine if man rode horses and donkeys instead of driving cars. How much air passes through a horse in one day? Imagine millions or billions of horse and the smell of it all. Do you even know what a horse smells like?

Anyway. Enough about global warming. I totally missed Terminator last night. I can?t believe it either as I thought for sure the show would be on break until January or even February. But it was good tonight. I think I?m going to write a spec script for the show. It?s not an ABC show but danggit, it?s a good show and I would love to be a writer on a show I really care about.

Tonight?s episode is good in the sense that we finally get to learn about Riley (John?s girlfriend). I thought for sure I detected jealousy from the fembot (Cameron) but I?m not sure. Fembots are hard to read because they are not motivated by sex and all, just the desire to please their men. Sounds like sex but it isn?t but obviously John was starting to look at Cameron in that way horny teenage boys look at anything with breasts and a vagina. I mean he could sleep with her all the time and never worry about STDs or pregnancy. Cameron would be a nymphomaniac?s dream.

You know, I watched a couple of episodes of the Bionic Woman back when it was still on the air and I think I lost interest. I think the show conflicted with another show I enjoy watching. I don?t remember but I guess the show wasn?t that great if I can?t remember why I stopped watching it or why I completely forgot about it. It did have potential though.

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