Day 352

I had to leave work early today but I didn?t leave in time to avoid the snow you see in the picture above. You can even see the snowflakes in this picture.

I hate being out in snow.

I hate driving in snow.

I get to sleep in tomorrow. I?m happy about that as I hate getting up before the sun rises. I would love to stroll into work everyday after the sunrises. I really need to get this writing career going as I really hate having to travel to a job.

Anyway, yesterday I blogged about a couple of shows I watch/used to watch. One of my favorite screenwriters (Joss Whedon) is doing another show (Dollhouse). I can?t wait until it aires because I love his shows. Why can?t this show be an ABC show? Danggit, danggit, danggit.

I completed the homework for one class and I still have two more questions to write about for the other class. I hate homework. I think I will start and finish my homework for my next class tonight so I don?t have to worry about it this weekend.

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