Day 357

I have so much to do between now and when school starts back up again. I have to upgrade my template for my blog ( because a new release of the template I?m using (Modularity) is out and it has some pretty neat new features.

I paid $99 for the All Themes Package at Graph Paper Press because I wanted to give myself some variety when it comes to my template and I wanted to get the updates to my templates. I?m glad I bought the package. If only I could get a template like this for my blogger blog. Dang.

Anyway, I will be attempting to update my blog. Hopefully I won?t lose anything as I would hate to have to input all of these wonderful pictures I?ve been adding to my blog for the last 4 months.

It seems everyone is aware of my pending created day. According to my mother, I was born on December 24th. However, since I don?t remember my birthday, I?m going to say that I don?t think that?s accurate. I don?t think I?m from Earth and I?m certain I was adopted or at least I don?t think my mother is from Earth, which makes me not an Earthling.

I don?t know. But I don?t remember all of this happening so, like that saying goes, if a tree falls in the forest and there?s no one to hear it, did the tree really fall?

How old will I be? That?s a good question. If I told you, I would have to kill you. Actually, upon you hearing me tell you my age, your head would explode because the number is incomprehensible for people like you. Does that make sense? Probably not. But test me. I?m certain I want to see someone?s head explode, I just don?t want to be wearing white when I do it. Brains are hard to get out of clothing.

Well, that?s it for today. I will blog some more tomorrow as usual. Hopefully I will have something more meaning to blog about.

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