Day 358

I?m going to make this quick as I?ve got to get up early and get ready for my interview. Yes, I got a call for a job interview today while I was at work. I was totally unprepared for it as I wasn?t expecting anyone to call me until after the new year. Wow. I cannot express to you how unprepared I am for this job interview.

Anyway. I need to get some rest so I can get up early to make the drive down to Northridge.
It would be nice if I got this job at the pay grade I?m hoping to get. California is expensive and I don?t want to live paycheck to paycheck to pay the rent.

I got my final grade for the class I completed yesterday. A-. Ha! I was worried. Sure it isn?t an A but I definitely isn?t a B+. An A- I can deal with because it doesn?t hurt my GPA. Five more weeks of school to go.

Good night.

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