Day 364


Somebody got a kick out of watching my video. I can’t tell who watched it over and over but my stats says it was quite a few people. It is wonderful without the sound isn’t it? Who needs to hear my food being chewed?

Anyways. I had a rather depressing day. I kept thinking about that job I interviewed for. I’m 70% certain I didn’t get it. I wish I would get the letter in the mail letting me know they decided on another candidate so I can go with my contingency plan, which happened to be the plan before I applied for the job.


Invest in real estate.

Continue to submit my resume.

Work on my spec scripts and apply for the ABC writing fellowship.

Yep. That’s it. This week I will focus on my homework for my next class (just in case I do get that job) so I won’t be stressing over the next couple of weeks about participation.

Anyways, I came across interesting articles on the Internet about how the CIA is using Viagra to entice the Afghani warlords into collaborating and giving information about insurgent activity. One article in particular briefly wrote about what this would do to women in that country. On one hand I can see the logic. I mean, I’ve been Afghanistan, I would hate to have to sleep with an Afghani. Deodorant is scarce in that country. On the other hand, women have needs, too. I would fall into the first group. My needs are food and shelter. Sex is the last thing on my mind and I seriously doubt I would ever be in the mood without the smell of soap to help get me in the mood.

I got to thinking about how I don’t have an sincere interest in the lives of some of the people around me. For example, I had plenty of opportunities to ask folks at work how their Christmas was, but I didn’t ask because I don’t care. I think the biggest reason is because I don’t want them asking me questions about my Christmas (they usually suck). Plus, I just seem like a freak when I tell people Christmas is my least favorite holiday of the year. Least favorite. I don’t enjoy any holiday that increases stress in my life and Christmas is the most stressful for me.

(Note to self: Plan a real vacation to Thailand or China or Vietnam during Christmas.)

Well, if you are wondering about the above picture, let’s just say it’s time to wash my hair and generally I feel especially mean when I have to deal with it. I hate fighting Hairsenon. The beast can be so difficult. I need to make an appointment with the dermatologist about my scalp. It’s out of control. I think it’s the shampoo. Or maybe the setting lotion I used on my hair. I don’t know. I just need to get it in check.

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