Post-New Year’s shopping


I’m so glad I only have 4 weeks left of school. I swear sometimes I just want to smack people.

Enough about school.

I just finish spending the gift certificates I received for Christmas. I purchased computer software (of course). I thought about upgrading to Leopard on my Powerbook G4; however, even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to upgrade other software programs because my computer isn’t Intel. So, I will be using iLife’08 on my laptop, and iLife ’09 on my iMac. I ended up purchasing Yummy FTP, iLife ’09, and Quicktime Pro 7.

I’ve a lot things I want to do when I finish with school. I have several scripts and short stories I want to write. I also want to get into photography more. I’m still debating on a camera to buy. So far, I know I’m going to get an Nikon, I just don’t know which model- D300 or D90.

I went to the doctor today to get more inhalers and a referral to a dermatologist. I didn’t get the referral. What I got was an ointment I have to put on my scalp twice a day. I cannot describe to you how rubbing ointment on my scalp is a good idea. I’m going to have to demand a referral to a dermatologist tomorrow because I don’t feel like walking around with greasy and flaky hair. Yeah! That’ll get me noticed.

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