Health and television


I thought about going vegetarian for a while because I find meat upsets my stomach. Well, everything upsets my stomach. I had a few pieces of some lamb and I just couldn’t bring myself to eat any more. The meat was so fatty. It was the look of the meat that turned my stomach more than the meat itself. I just don’t like looking or eating fatty meat.

I had some Panda Express the other day and it upset my stomach. I did, however, enjoy my fortune cookie. “Striving for the best will bring you closer to the best.”  I like it.

I cannot wait to be done with school. I’ve got a lot of television writing and a lot of television and movie watching to
do. I’m especially looking forward to the premier of Dollhouse (Fox) as I am a huge Joss Whedon fan. You can read more about Dollhouse at Fox.

I was a little worried at first because the premise of the show was eerily similar to NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy (which has been cancelled) but I’m certain Joss and his team of writer’s can make Dollhouse a million times more interesting than My Own Worst Enemy. Believe me, I know the power of Joss. I’ve been watching his shows from beginning to end since I discovered Buffy. I have every show of his on DVD. Buffy, Angel, Firefly and eventually I’ll be adding Dollhouse.

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