Cake and hairless lady bits

I’ve been procrastinating with this paper I have to write. I still have four more pages to write. I was hoping to just knock it out today but I just don’t feel like dealing with school anymore.

(Note to self: This is paper 1 of 3 you have left to write. You can do it, Shavonne.)

I just really want to read a good book about something other than business. I have about nine books waiting for me.

I went to my third laser hair removal appointment today. This time was more uncomfortable that the first two. I’m starting to rethink my decision to get the brazilian. I also got an idea about laser hair removal. I wonder how long you have to go to school for that. Do you have to go to medical school?

Anyway. My lady bits feel different. I hope it’s working. I would love to wear a bikini without anything hanging out. I hate shaving down there. The stubble is worse than the heat of the laser! If only I could endure waxing but that’s okay.

More video capturing my essence. I was eating some homemade pound cake. It was good. The only thing missing was some soy milk.

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