Lost versus Found


I’m completely into Lost this season. For the past 3 years, I’ve been completely puzzled as to why the survivors would want to get of the island. Most of the survivors lived pathetic lives. Jack’s wife left him to start a family with another man. Kate was a fugitive. Sawyer was a con artists hell bent on finding the man who conned his mother. Hurley – an overweight crazy man. And Sayid, Locke, Sun, and Claire? Not much to envy before the crash.

I want to get lost. I would miss my computers and that’s about it.

Have you noticed how the television season isn’t like it used to be? The mid-season breaks are longer, the seasons start really late. I really miss the good old days when all your favorite shows would have their season premieres in September and the season finales in May.

I am so glad I can keep up with the flashbacks and flashforwards or Lost would be very confusing. The Oceanic Six are trying to get back to the island. I want to go with and never be found.

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