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Apple Store

I went to the Apple Store in the Glendale Galeria. I love that store. To commemorate the occasion, I took a picture of myself. I’m thinking of getting a new laptop. I need something to celebrate my new business. Plus, I can write it off as a business expense. UPDATE: This is the worst picture.

My Brunsli hair ties

I got my Brunsli hair ties in the mail today. They’re so cute. I’m going to have to take some pictures of them in my hair. Of course, them being made as small as possible, they’re still too big for the the amount of hair I have on my head. My hair is long but […]

My cousins: DeVante and Damarick

I just had to post this news story about my two cousins DeVante and Damarick. I remember when they were little. They were so cute.

Mammies, jezebels, and sapphires

A friend wrote me about my post on Hollywood and black screenwriters, which got me thinking about Hollywood and how I really should have finished that statement I had made in response to reading about how one Hollywood executive didn’t “want to see a movie about a black woman saving a town full of white […]


I already blogged about how I joined to link up with people who have similar interests as myself. So far so good. I’ve been contacted by a producer about screenplays though I don’t have any screenplays to show him, but knowing he’s interested in anything I will write is a start. I just need […]

Girls’ night out

I went out last night with the AV girls night out meetup group. Only three of us showed. We met at El Toritos. I’m not into Mexican food because of my lactose intolerance but it turned out to be much better than expected. My mom had me thinking the food was gross. I didn’t like […]

Locking hair: Sisterlocks vs Nappylocs

In my search for more information about Sisterlocks, I’ve learned a lot about the process and what to ask when you meet with a consultant. I think I probably feel like a lot of people when I voice my frustration about the secrecy behind the patterns. Just because I know how to do something doesn’t […]


I don’t know what to think about Dollhouse. I found it rather confusing. I’m hoping the show will get better. It really isn’t like me to not like a Joss Whedon show. Buffy was great, Angel was great, and Firefly was the shiznitz. Dollhouse is nothing like My Own Worst Enemy. At this point, I […]

Cancerous moles and not so fresh eggs

Every time I go to the doctor, I end up getting the sh!t scared out of me. Today, I had a dentist appointment and the lady who did my cleaning started asking me questions about the mole on the left side of my face. My mole doesn’t bother me and I barely know what it […]

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks

A few days ago I joined Twitter. I don’t get Twitter. It’s like a super dooper watered-down version of Facebook (which I also don’t get). I have a blog. I think it’s the issue of having to login to Twitter to update my status. I think if Twitter really wanted to be something of use, […]

Chastity is HOT!

Well, my weekend will hopefully go by very slowly. I rented some movies to tide me over through the crummy weather. I’ve got some cleaning and organizing to do tomorrow. Plus, I have to do some shopping for the ingredients to my oatmeal craisin cookies. I wish I had more to blog about but I’m […]


I haven’t done as much blogging as I had hoped once I finished with school. Granted, I finished school just this past Monday so it’s not like weeks have gone by and my blog’s gone cold. I work with some aged folks. Actually, I work with a lot of aged folks and I keep hearing […]

Hollywood and black screenwriters

La Shawn Barber wrote about a black screenwriter and his movie “New in Town.” The movie stars Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr. What’s interesting about the movie is, the characters were originally written as “African-Americans.” She asked a question at the end of her post: “Is changing the race (sex, religion, nationality, etc.) of […]

Cornrows and Sisterlocks

I just wanted to blog about a hair emergency. I just read on Brunsli’s blog about the dangers of cornrolling Sisterlocks and lock loss. You can read about it here. I’ve always been curious about cornrolling Sisterlocks. I know what the stress of wearing braids can do to one’s hairline, and I automatically assumed doing […]

25 things about me

A cousin tagged me so I’m posting 25 things about myself. I’m supposed to post the rules and tag a couple of folks but that’s just not my thing. If you want to try this then go ahead and try it. I think I have a great buttom and wish I had eyes in the […]

Feeling blue

I should be happy about finishing school in 4 days but I’m really bummed. One of my cousins had a stroke yesterday. She’s still in the hospital in a drug-induced coma. The doctors say if she makes it through the next 48 hours (now 24 hours) she should recover, though not fully. She’s paralyzed on […]

My natural hair texture

I’m on a roll today. I got up really early to finish up my part of the team assignment this week. It seems I’m a much better writer when I do it early in the morning. My mind is clearer. I will probably get up at 4 am every morning to get some writing done. […]