My natural hair texture

I’m on a roll today. I got up really early to finish up my part of the team assignment this week. It seems I’m a much better writer when I do it early in the morning. My mind is clearer. I will probably get up at 4 am every morning to get some writing done. I still plan to apply for that writing fellowship despite the reports on the news about layoffs and such. I’ve got to try. I’ll try every year if I have to. I have a bunch of books I need to read and I plan challenge myself with this year’s Script Frenzy in April. If I want to be a writer, I must write!

Speaking of writing, I wrote down the details I had of a dream that would be perfect for a spec script for Pushing Daisies. It would have only explained the beginning of the show (I still have to read a couple of Pushing Daisies scripts to get an idea of the flow) and develop the story better but I think I will try to write a script for that show.

I still haven’t found any scripts for Samantha Who? I think that show would be too easy. However, after reading On Writing by Stephen King, his advice to start with situations rather than plot is sound advice for Samantha Who? Put Sam in a situation and see what happens. Too easy. Maybe I’ll write a couple of scripts after all. The more scripts I have to choose from the better.

I won’t be turning on my tv much for the next few months because 1.) most of my favorite shows I can watch online, and 2.) I need to do more reading and writing. I also have to do more social activities. I’ve neglected my personal relationships the past two years. I feel bad in a way, but sometimes my friends can be depressing and I didn’t need to get depressed any more than I’ve already been since my job change.

I also did some job searching. I checked out the information on the Border Patrol. The commercial caught my attention because I heard it mention working outdoors. I’m not sure I want to work outdoors all the time. I’m not even sure I’d qualify now that I have asthma. I’d have to get back in shape (I plan to do that any) but I’m not thrilled with having to wear a uniform (though I wouldn’t have to worry about what to wear everyday). For every con there’s a pro and for every pro there’s a con. Danggit. I’m going to have to see because the Web site also said that there are more than just jobs outdoors. I would love a combination of the two the change up my days. I’m easily bored.

page_1130Okay, now an explanation for today’s episode of Shavonne Tv. Well, I shot the video October 20, 2007. I used Curls Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream, Coconut Sublime Moisturizing Conditioner, Curls Milkshake Leave-in Conditioner, and Quenched Curls Moisturizer. The products did provide moisture and definition to my curls, but while washing this stuff out of my hair, my hair felt really slimy. It could have been the amount of the leave in conditioner I used (thought I don’t recall using much). I not sure if Curls products are Ph-balanced, which means I won’t be using this on my sensitive scalp. I do recall the products being “organic” though the smell of them say differently. I personally hate the smell of these products – they smell like their names (coconut and milkshake). I prefer my cleansing products to smell like soap. Clean and fresh and not like something I’d eat.

I wouldn’t recommend Curls products unless you have a looser curl pattern and a healthy scalp. I’ve had mine for over a year and only used them once. I plan on giving it all to somebody else. It was a waste of money as I think all four products were $60. Not bad if the products work for you.

2 Responses to “My natural hair texture”

  1. foxydiva says:

    Your hair looks great. The cut suits your facial structure. Darn shame you had to spend $60 on products you didn’t like that much. Curls doesn’t have a very friendly return policy either. That is one of the reasons I have never tried their products, even though I love to support black owned and local businesses. I just feel if your product is what you say it is, you should be willing to refund people who disagree in the same manner in which they paid, if they return in a certain time frame.

    But, you look fab!!! Fluff those curls gurl!!!

    • Shavonne says:

      Now I find out about the customer service. LOL. That video is almost a year old. Wearing my hair like that isn’t low maintenance at all. The comb out the next day was traumatic. I thought I would be bald afterwards. – Shavonne