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My week

I’ve been too busy to update my blog. Starting a home-based business is not easy. I’m still trying to think of ways to drive traffic to my e-commerce website. I started a blog for by e-commerce site. All I need to do now is generate a couple articles on the products every week. So, if […]

Diplomas and other stuff

I’ve received my diplomas in the mail! Yippee!!!! It took long enough. I had a bad day yesterday when I got home from work. The products I had ordered from my business were sitting right smack dab in front of my front door for the whole world to see. So, I called my supplier and […]

Undefined relationships

I went to a Regional Rally for my business this weekend and listened to a great couple speak about their rise through the company and how they became financially free from 9 to 5 jobs. It was very motivating, so motivating that I’ve decided to focus on my business rather than pursue a career in […]

Purple veggies

I remember when I was in college around this time of the year and the devastation I felt when I learned corned beef and cabbage wasn’t Soul Food. I kind of felt that same way today when I learned about purple carrots. You see, I love carrots and I’ve always known them to be orange. […]


I still haven’t gotten my taxes done because I don’t have all my paperwork together. I hoping to get a major tax return. I paid for school (with cash), purchased a duplex, and maxed out my Roth IRA. Oh boy, I would like to get a nice fat refund this year like I did last […]


It seams I completely forgot what I was going to write about. I logged into the IndieSOS forum tonight to read a post about blogging. So far, I’m the only person besides the administrator(s) to post a blog at the forums. It’s a little disheartening since the organization provides the blogging feature to members for […]

Spec scripts

I’ve been trying to figure out what ABC show I should spec for. So far, two of the shows I was considering (Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies) have been cancelled. Now, I only have a few shows to choose from and there’s no telling if the shows will be on next year. So now that […]

A comment

I had a rather interesting experience the other night. I should say, a commenter showed me a technique that could drive people to my Web site and generate more business. I started to wonder how the commenter went about finding my blog. So, I went to look at my blog stats and I noticed someone […]


I hate spending money on technology I don’t favor, like phones. I hate phones but I find them to be a necessity because pay phones are hard to come by in Southern California. I actually don’t think pay phones exist anymore. I haven’t seen one in ages. My Motorola phone has served me well these […]

Designing business cards

I must be slow or something because I’m trying to figure out Photoshop CS2 and I’m not having any luck. I tell you, Comic Life Magiq is a much easier program to use than Photoshop, and it’s only $49.99, which makes it a bargain. I just don’t what I’m doing with Photoshop. It’s not user […]