page_1149I hate spending money on technology I don’t favor, like phones. I hate phones but I find them to be a necessity because pay phones are hard to come by in Southern California. I actually don’t think pay phones exist anymore. I haven’t seen one in ages.

My Motorola phone has served me well these last four years. I really hate to part with it because I get attached to things after using them for lengthy periods but my phone no longer satisfies my needs. I need something to keep up with my contacts, my calendar, and has GPS. I don’t necessarily need music or movies, but I do need to be able to listen to audio files.

Here’s the catch, I know I won’t have any compatibility issues with my iMac if I get the iPhone because Apple designs all gizmos and gadgets to work together. If I get the BlackBerry, I may run into some compatibility issues with my iMac. I tend to dislike things that aren’t compatible with my computer.

I’m also trying to figure out how much my monthly bill would be. I really want to spend $100/month on a phone bill for a phone I rarely use at the moment, but I do recognize my phone use will change now that I’m trying to build a business. I don’t plan on cold calling anyone, but I will need to keep in touch with people I meet (more for social purposes than business).

I think I’m going to start with the Motorola Razr I’ve had for the last two years. I purchased it for $20 with my current phone plan but never used it because I’m still using my old phone. I just have to go to AT&T to see if there’s anything I need to do to turn it on.

My cousin is absolutely amazed at how phone illiterate I am considering how much I love gadgets. Well, I attribute my computer literacy to the fact that use my computer for all my communication needs. It’s my phone, my tv, and really, who needs a phone when you can video chat, for FREE!

4 Responses to “Cellphones”

  1. foxydiva says:

    I actually have both an iPhone (for personal use) and a Crackberry (for work.) The crackberry is very microsoft oriented as far as programs etc. But my iPhone and Crackberry run on two dif networks so the speed comparison is somewhat moot.

    While the iPhone will intuitively, be easier to synch with your mac than the Crackberry, you do need to have the mobileme in order to synch your calendars and mac email, which is an additional yearly cost.

    It is rather nice being able to backup all your data to iTunes though incase something goes wacky or if you have to get a new phone. It restores your text messages, contacts, emails apps, everything from your last back up.

    The iPhone keyboard is surprisingly easy to use once you get the hang of it. You have less accidental dialing since the keyboard is touch activated and not just up all the time. The iPhone also has built in GPS but, well it sucks lol.

    To sum up my love for the iPhone, its the first thing I reach for in the morning (ok second thing outside of my glasses,) and the last thing I touch before bed. Let me know which one speaks to you 😀

    • Shavonne says:

      Thanks Foxydiva,

      I’m torn. I think it’s because of my aversion to phones. I hate them with a passion. However, I’m leaning toward the iPhone simply because I know I won’t have any compatibility issues with my computers. Also, the iPhone is cheaper and more reliable than when they first came out.

      I don’t know. I’m going to have to look at which is also better for my budget. I like being debt free and want to stay that way. In the end, I know I will probably go with the iPhone.

  2. Amba says:

    Hi Shavonne. Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s mainly because I want to try and blog about my experience in a neutral kind of way. How are you doing with your MLM?