Diplomas and other stuff

I’ve received my diplomas in the mail! Yippee!!!! It took long enough.

I had a bad day yesterday when I got home from work. The products I had ordered from my business were sitting right smack dab in front of my front door for the whole world to see. So, I called my supplier and inquired about who does the deliveries for the company (i.e., Fed Ex, UPS, USPS). The lady on the phone was helpful and left a note on my account for my suppliers telling which ever company delivering my packages to leave my boxes on the porch, in the corner to the right of my door. You’d think the delivery man would exercise some common sense and automatically put my boxes there but I guess not everyone is born with common sense.

Then I got my business cards. I opened the box and I did not like what my eyes were seeing. I have a sage-colored border on my business card to match my Web site and the border only extended to the edge of the card on three sides instead of four. So I had to call the company and they gave me a store credit. I will use the credit to order some more cards but I have to wonder if they will turn out right. Had that company had some sort of quality control, my cards would have turned out right the first time.

Anyways. I have to start writing my speech for Toastmasters. I have no idea what I’m going to say. I started scribbling some ideas down today but I’m not sure they will make it to the final product.

I also came up with a script idea for a short film. I started outlining it. I know I said I would hold off on screenwriting but it’s really calling me.

I still haven’t gotten my taxes done. For some reason, I haven’t bothered to get all of my documents together.  I need to make an appointment for next weekend at H&R Block. I hope I get a nice tax return this year.

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