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Las Vegas

Tomorrow I’ll drive myself to Las Vegas to hear John C. Maxwell speak on the subject of Leadership. I’m not looking forward to the 4-hour drive but I think it will be worth it. I invited a friend to join me but I guess she won’t be able to make it. She might still show […]

Dreaming Red

I’ve been really busy learning all I can about about my business. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. I’ve been really busy. I don’t seem to want to go into detail about it all though. I haven’t been much for blogging. I feel guilty about it. I did so well […]

The Law of Attraction II

It would seem like the law of attraction is working again. Man slut was at work today and we spoke and nodded to each other twice. Not sure what this means but I’m not comfortable with it. I can’t stop thinking about him. And I think other people have picked up on the vibe. For […]

The Law of Attraction

I watched the dvd The Secret the other day and now I’m listening to the The Law of Attraction. I can’t wait until I get the book (The Secret) in the mail. I grasp things much better when I read it. So far, The Law of Attraction says that, like attracts like. If I think […]

I have an iPhone

I bought my iPhone today. I tried to wait until June but I just couldn’t. I like gadgets and it’s been several months since I bought anything new. I texted my cousin V and told her about my phone. She couldn’t believe I bought one because I don’t like phones. However, I’ve discovered Twitter and […]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I cannot describe my confusion over the TSCC. It seems like Fox is preparing to take TSCC off the air and the show is getting really, really good. The show is my favorite show on tv right now. I just have this feeling this will be the last season of TSCC despite next weeks episode […]