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The writing’s on the wall

There comes a time when you just have to admit when someone just isn’t that into you.  When a guy can’t spare 5 minutes of his time a day to get to know you, then he doesn’t want to know you. He’s not interested and he probably has someone else on the side, or your […]

Sushi Chef tried to please me

I just wanted to share a picture of the orange a Sushi Chef carved for me. I went out for Sushi Saturday night. I feel awful because I totally ment to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. I went to church with my mom for Mother’s Day and then I took her out for Korean […]


I’ve had a very busy week. As you know, I went to Las Vegas the weekend before last. I learned a lot. I didn’t have much leisure fun but I did get to see the Blue Man Group, which was good. I’ve been keeping busy networking and meeting new people. I went to one of […]