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Day 31

I had a good day. I went to church this morning but the sermon was about parenting and since I don’t have children, it really didn’t apply to me. And it made me feel sad. Got me thinking about how I don’t have any kids. But I’d rather be single and without kids than single […]

Day 30

I don’t feel like blogging. I hate spending time in front of my computer. I used to love sitting in front of my computer surfing the net. Now, I can’t stand the thought of it. I prefer a good book. I think I’m getting old, which is okay as long as I age gracefully. I […]

Day 29

I’m calling it an early night for once in a long time. I’m usually getting back from the place that can’t be mentioned late with barely enough energy to get anything else done. I just read read Exodus 21 and 22. I think it’s interesting how everything seems to be done in increments of 7. […]

Day 28

I hate it when my browser crashes. I had an almost perfect post and then there was nothing. Firefox restarted and the post I had spend a glorious 10 minutes writing was lost. So much for autosave. I don’t like Private Practice. I don’t like any of the women on the show. Not one has […]

Day 27

I don’t have a whole lot of time before I hit the sack, but I just wanted to post something. I went to church tonight and heard a wonderful sermon. I will blog more about some of the things I learned in Winter Revival series. I also want to blog about something I read in […]

Day 26

The rain is back and my sinuses seem to be going crazy. Is it possible to be allergic to rain? What a thing to be allergic to when I’m not fond of the dry desert. Sure the desert has its advantages like I never really have to worry about frizzy hair from humidity but on […]

Day 25

I cannot describe how much better I feel now that I stopped taking all that medication the doctor had given me. I don’t think prescription Flonase dries up nasal passages at all. If anything, it seems to make your nose run. I wasn’t suffering from blocked sinuses but from a nasal drip. I stopped using […]

Day 24

I can’t remember what I said I was going to blog about last night. It must not have been too important. It didn’t rain today. That’s a plus. I think it’s suppose to rain tomorrow. I hate the rain. The good news is my asthma seems to be under control. My nose has stopped running […]

Day 23

I went to a BBQ in Simi Valley today. I had fun. I will write more about it tomorrow. I’m really tired and want to get some rest. I have church in the morning.

Day 22

I just barely got home from work. I don’t have anything new to report. It rained all day. I saw the sun this morning before I went into work but got off so late the only energy I have left I will reserve for taking my clothes off and getting to bed. My dad did […]

Day 21

I haven’t worked on my speech for Toastmasters at all. I know what I want to say but I’m not sure I can say it without completely slamming another member’s speech. My speech is a rebuttal to a speech I heard back in December. In her speech, she : slammed welfare (don’t have a problem […]

Day 20

It rained really hard today. I wanted to get some pictures but by the time I got off work it was already dark and raining hard. I didn’t want to get water on my iPhone. I got some more folks interested in starting a business. I can’t wait to keep sharing the business. Too bad […]

Day 19

I don’t have a whole lot to blog about. I’m actually trying to get caught up on the Bible verses I’m supposed to memorize before tomorrow. I also have to write my speech for Toastmasters. I’m actually thinking about ditching Toastmasters this Saturday to work on getting caught up on getting my expenditures and travel […]

Day 18

Today is a holiday but it didn’t seem like there was much to celebrate. It’s been raining all day and the sky was this awful gray color and not the usual blue sky I’m used to seeing just about every day of the year. I can’t wait until spring. I love photographing the poppies. I […]

Day 17

I had a long day today. I went to church, then to a baby shower, and then I drove to Bakersfield for Dream Night. It was awesome. I don’t feel like blogging anything else. It’s pretty late and I just want to go to bed.

Day 16

I went shopping for a baby shower today and apparently I spent way too much money. I did buy for two babies (two families) but I don’t know what the spending limit is for a baby shower. My mother actually made me feel guilty for not being cheap. My mom happens to be the cheapest […]

Day 15

The Internet was down last night so I couldn’t post to my blogs. I met a new person today. I didn’t get his phone number but I least I met someone new. Anyways, we were watching the news. If you don’t already know then you must live in a box with no windows or doors […]

Day 14

I should be out getting my name and number but my headache, sinuses, and cough wouldn’t make me a good candidate for meeting people. Who would want to shake hands with someone who’s coughing and blowing their nose every 5 minutes? I’m hoping to nip this thing in the bud but I have a feeling […]

Day 13

Today’s post is brought to you by the number 13 in honor of the thirteenth day of the month. Too bad it isn’t Friday. I learned some great things in Bible study today. I have a whole lot of highlighting to do tomorrow. I need to set my daily schedule to paper and start making […]

Day 12

So much for going to bed early. I spend the evening in emergency care at Kaiser. My asthma has really been giving me issues. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest and my throat hurts from constantly trying to clear my air way. Other than that my day went by okay. I really […]

Day 11

I just sent my last email for the year. Just kidding. I don’t think I will ever not use email as my main source of communication. It seems I’ll be traveling to D.C. in June. I have a friend that will be living there and I have some cousins who live there. I think I […]

Day 10

Today was okay. I went to vision night at church tonight. This year will be an exciting year. I need something to do other than all the stuff I have going on. I don’t like to be idle and some level of stress makes me feel productive. I managed to go a week without eating […]

Day 9

I wonder if Dollhouse is getting cancelled. The storyline is going in such a way that I don’t think the show can recover. Everybody on the show seems to be dying off or being changed in such a way the show will not last another season. (Okay just googled the issue. It seems Dollhouse has […]

Iron sharpening Iron

I went to a boardplan tonight and was rejuvenated with positive thoughts about the business. I love being around the people in this business. They are so positive and so encouraging and they just want to help. Iron sharpens iron.