Day 3

I went to church today and learned a few things about what I need to do this year regarding my faith. We had guest speakers during the morning and evening services instead of our Pastor. Our Pastor and his family are going through some things and he could not be with us tonight to communicate Vision Night for the church.

But I did learn some things which I had not considered before. Like, does prayer matter? Does God hear my prayers? I never pray for myself but even before was saved I did pray for others. But what I want or need for myself? For example, if I prayed for a man and was specific about the qualities I want in him, would my prayer be answered?

I’ve learned there are things I should never pray for like patience and and money. Ask for wisdom and endurance instead.

In regards to weakness and strength, during the service tonight the guest speaker spoke of how God often makes us stronger when we are our weakest. It reminded me of that saying what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. For example, when we are exposed to disease for the first time, we get sick. However, when we are sick we build up an immunity to the disease which makes us stronger and more able to fight what ails us when we experience it again. Makes sense. I haven’t been tested to see if I am strong. My life has been easy so far (I’m so not asking for a test either) and I hope that anything that comes my way I will be able to handle it.

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