Day 21

I haven’t worked on my speech for Toastmasters at all. I know what I want to say but I’m not sure I can say it without completely slamming another member’s speech. My speech is a rebuttal to a speech I heard back in December.

In her speech, she :

  1. slammed welfare (don’t have a problem with that),
  2. described a dreary Social Security Office (don’t have a problem with that either)
  3. said America needs socialized health care (I have major issues with that)
  4. people should have a cap on their earning potential with $100 million being the most a person can earn (WTF? Is this not America? Has she not heard of Free Enterprise??)
  5. America needs to be like Denmark because they don’t have homeless people (Yeah but they have lots of angry Muslims [remember the Mohammad cartoons?])

I totally wish it was kosher to shove her British head up her British @ss.

I was watching a little of Fox News today. They were basically analyzing how much Bush spent his 8 years versus Obama in his 1 year in the White House. Bush spent a lot of money but Obama has spent 4 times the amount in 1 year!!! ONE YEAR!!!!

I hate socialism.

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