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Self improvement

No matter how much I try improve myself, I find new things I need to work on. Forgiveness is one of them. Patience is another. I understand the process of improvement is a recurring process, but I would like to see the results of the things I’m doing. See why I need patience? I need […]

In Los Angeles

If this post has posted, it means I didn’t get home in time to blog. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. I know you just love reading my blog on a Saturday night. Now, get a life. You shouldn’t be reading my blog on a Saturday night! You should be having fun! […]

Hair blues

I hate the process I have to go through after washing my hair. Nothing sends me into a hair funk like having to blow dry my hair and then flat ironing it. I just want to let my hair be. I’ve been thinking a lot about Sisterlocks lately, mostly because I’m tired of my hair […]

Romantic Mystery

I got the lamest fortune cookie from Panda Express today. I can’t figure out what it means. What is a ‘romantic mystery’? What is it? Is it a book or a person? What? I don’t take fortune cookies seriously, but when everyone in your life tries to blow out your light, the message on a […]


I seem to be unable to remember a lot of things. For example, I had a really great post in mind for tonight but now I can’t remember. I know it was really good too. Geez. If only I could remember. I’ll probably think about it again when I don’t have pen and paper or […]

What I’m Reading

I’m an avid reader. There’s nothing better than reading a good book. For the past year, I’ve been reading books on business, relationships, and finance. My reading interests have everything to do with my business. I’m new to business, I enjoyed learning finance in school, and I happen to not be so good at relationships. […]


Someone I was friends with in high school contacted me.  She’s married now, which is why I didn’t recognize her name at all. I love hearing about people getting married because for a split second, I can see myself married. And then I’m snapped back into reality. Getting married isn’t top priority on my To-Do […]

Day 52

I don’t feel like blogging. Sometimes blogging everyday sucks. I need to get done with my expenditures list.


I took my mom out to dinner last night and we got to talking about our businesses. I just want to get to the point as I don’t feel like blogging all night long, but my mom said she likes having unprofitable businesses for the tax write offs. WTF? I don’t want to keep my […]

I’m so bad

Yep, I’m bad. I completely planned on getting my paperwork, receipts, and travel logs together so I can get my taxes done. But instead, I’m watching tv on the Internet. I actually don’t want to watch tv. I sat and listened to someone at work talk about all the tv watching that occurs after returning […]

Getting fired, laid off, downsized, whatever you want to call it

No, I didn’t get laid off or fired but someone hired up my chain of command did. It’s really sad. I think this person had spent 20 years with the company. On top of that, there is a job posting which this person could have qualified for. There’s no such thing as a secure job. […]


Ah, it looks like I will have the time to get my receipts together and done with for tax season. I can’t wait to get this over with. It will be interesting to see just how much I will get back in taxes now that I have a home-based business. I will definitely have to […]


Sorry for the short post. I just had to get something posted. I’m in Bakersfield.


Why was spam invented? I’m not talking about the canned meat, I’m talking about email, blog, and any other kind of spam for electronic/Internet communication. I don’t get it. I’ve been getting an unusual amount of comment spam almost to the point where I want to turn off comments. I don’t want to resort to […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

The potluck was fun. I enjoyed myself. I feel guilty because I didn’t go outside to dance but I didn’t feeling like listening to the music. Some of us preferred staying inside and watching the Winter Olympics. I didn’t meet anyone I could see myself being married to but I did meet some people who […]

Valentine’s Day Potluck

I’m in LA stuffing my face at a potluck for singles. I’m hoping one of these dishes is good ! I’ll let you know if there are any great men here.


No, I’m not unemployed but it seems everyday I’m reminded my job is never secure. I can’t really go into details, but another way of saying “You’re fired!” is “Here’s a severance package.” Fired, laid off, downsized, outsourced, early retirement…all terms for the process of becoming unemployed. 🙁 Sometimes you’re given a warning and sometimes […]

What’s my business?

I like it when people send me personal messages about my blog much more than comments. I always try to answer my emails when the time permits but my schedule sometimes prevents that. Now about last night. I had a blast. It was great being around people who want to take control of their lives […]


I’m totally exhausted. I haven’t recovered from the last few days. I didn’t get home until 3 am this morning. I didn’t sleep in long either. I got up after 8 and frantically searched the house for my mail box keys because I was expecting an order. Anyways. I just barely got home from church. […]

Day 40

I’m in Anaheim learning how to grow my business. I need a energy I get from being around people who want to take control of their lives rather than have their lives control them. Sorry about yesterday’s post. Hopefully, I will have something good to share.

Day 39

I wish it was okay to vent about things that are going with me during the day but it wouldn’t be kosher. So, I will just have to keep it to myself. Anways, I dislike sour pusses and I’m trying to keep my blog on the positive note because nobody wants to read a negative. […]

This week

I have a lot to do this week. I hope I will be able to post to my blog. If not, I will at least post a lovely graphic. Anyways, Fox does it again. Dollhouse got canceled and I’m not happy about it. I swore after Sarah Connor Chronicles that I would never watch Fox […]


I hate shopping. I think I’m one of the few women to hate shopping. The more clothing a store has on it racks the more frustrated I get and leave. I like stores with the clothing organized by color, size, and style. The more organized the store is, the more I’m likely to stay and […]

Day 36

I think the dog’s gone senile or something. He keeps messing in the house. The poor dog. Lost his brother four years ago and his girlfriend 3 months ago. He must be lonely. I think this will be his last year with us. He’s ten years old and for a chow, is pretty dang old. […]