Day 33

I’ve been told I don’t have a social conscience because I don’t believe in socialism. The people who have told me I lack a social conscience are people who weren’t born in America. I’ll let the Europeans have socialism. Let those living here in America who want socialism move to Europe.

I don’t believe in taking care of people who can but are unwilling to take care of themselves.

Now, I can see why Europe has become the land of opportunity – for droves of Muslims looking for free speech and opportunity for a better life. Remember the Mohammad cartoons in Denmark? What about how Paris suburbs almost went up in flames? Wonderful examples of free speech and social welfare at its best. Give me some of that! 🙄

I heard an interesting quote in church the other day.

Do you really think giving money to people is going to do them a bit of good? You can give people money until you’re broke, but after all is said and done, not only will they still need money, but you’ll be broke, too. The problem with socialists is, many of them don’t believe in God and a lot of them either can’t do simple math or are in complete denial of where money comes from to see that social programs bankrupt governments!

Perhaps, the quote would make more sense to socialist if it read like:

Doesn’t it make more sense to teach people how to do for themselves? Make their own money? I blog a little bit about a quote (actually a Chinese proverb). I love Chinese proverbs as much as I love the Bible’s book of Proverbs.

So, I don’t think I lack a social conscience, it’s just my ideas on how to help people who need, want, have the ability, and actually desire an improvement in their lives will be better off with some mentorship and funds from charitable donations instead of government-run programs funded by forced deductions.

Chinese proverb.—The International Thesaurus of Quotations, ed. Rhoda Thomas Tripp, p. 76, no. 3 (1970).

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