Twenty Twelve

Im really excited about 2012. Theres nothing like the leap year to get my juices flowing for blogging. Ill be doing another 366 project. If you dont know what that is, its contributing to my blog at least once a  day in 2012. I tried it in 2008 and had a blast despite being in grad school. The coming presidential election will leave me with plenty to blog about.

I still don’t know who to even consider voting for. Ive heard about a few candidates I want to look into but its too early in the game to narrow the list down to two prime candidates. I dont want to invest my time into promoting a candidate if they end up dropping out of the race.

Until then, there are a few things Im looking for in a candidate:

  1. Believes in free enterprise
  2. Understands its not the president who creates jobs, but entrepreneurs.
  3. Wants a flat tax
  4. Less government involvement
  5. Fiscally conservative
  6. Less spending more production

Thats all I can think of for now. That means I wouldnt be looking for anyone on the Democrat side. Im sure as I start to really look into the candidates, Ill be able to find someone who Ill be happy to endorse. Until then, Ill be trying to gather all of the tools Ill need to become a mobile blogger.

Now for that, I almost got suckered into buying a leather case with a built in keyboard for my first generation iPad. Im glad I didnt make the purchase as I found something I believe would be better for me.

I wont get into the specifics, but in December, Im hoping to make the final purchase. I also have to buy a new template for my blog, one that is iPad compatible. Graph Paper Press is a good source. Thats where I purchase my current template. It was an awesome buy. I think this time Im going to go for the Modfolio template if has the features I want.

I also plan on getting the new iPhone when it comes out. That would help me out a bunch as the camera on my 3G is outdated and I cant shoot video. I dont know how much video Ill be producing, but I at least want to take better pictures, especially of myself without needing a second person.

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