As I mentioned yesterday, I want to get the ClamCase for my iPad. I found another keyboard case (Crux 360) but I don’t like the shininess of it and it leaves Apple logo on the back of the iPad exposed. I don’t want any scratches on my Pad.

I’m not ready to buy yet but and even if I were, both are sold out. ClamCase says they are releasing a new version of the ClamCase for the iPad 1, which is the iPad I have, early to mid-October. I can’t wait to get it. My early birthday present to myself.

It will cost me a pretty penny. I’m guessing around $150 but it will be better than buying a new laptop, which I do need. It will also be a better case w/keyboard than all the other cases for less money I’ve seen out there.

I haven’t seen my Powerbook G4 in months. I should get it back from my mom. That thing is so ancient, I can’t really do anything with it other than word processing. I just hope my desk top computer doesn’t become outdated anytime soon. Though with the software upgrades I have to get (I’m running Leopard) I’ll have to upgrade to Snow Leopard then to Lion. Once I’m upgraded to Lion, I will have to get replacement software for VMware Fusion. VMware does not work with Lion OS X. Plus, a new mobile device compatible template for my blog. I’m looking at another $200 to $300 dollars get myself mobile blogging for my next 366 project. Yay! For someone like me, blogging isn’t cheap. I prefer hosting my own blog for the control it gives me. I’ve had to block way too many people from reading my blog. You’d think if they didn’t like what they read here, they would read elsewhere. Some people just like flaming.

I’m glad what I had originally planned to post today didn’t make it to my inbox. I’m thinking it is a sign…to just stop watching tv if I don’t like what’s on. I’m taking my own advice that I give to people who don’t like what I write about.

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