p class=bloggerplus_image_sectiondiv class=bloggerplus_image_section align=center style=clear:both;img src= class=bloggerplus_text_section align=left style=clear:both;Im sitting in Panera Bread starving but I dont want to order any of the food because everything has gluten. Now that Im back home I want to stick with my diet.brbrIm also sitting here listening to twenty-somethings complain about relationships. Awesome. Just had to sit next to me. Theres someone who has peaked my interest on Match. He actually wants more than three children. Ive got to give him a wink when I get home. I just hope he doesnt expect me to run marathons with him. Im much more into my Trikke. Ill save the running like a gazelle for when I need flight response away from a serial killer (I do date white guys). brbrI really should blog about Dream Night but I dont want to get into the topic of one of the guest speakers. Lets just say it was awesome but eye opening. brbrNow, I need to get to working on my Bible study so I can get home and cook me some dinner. /p

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