Purple Sweet Potatoes

p class=bloggerplus_image_sectiondiv class=bloggerplus_image_section align=center style=clear:both;img src=http://shavonne.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/5601477B-FF63-45A4-8FE3-F09C1BE6E2FD.jpg/div/pp class=bloggerplus_text_section align=left style=clear:both;I finally got my purple sweet potatoes in the mail. I already tried making mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are not my favorite and the beautiful purple color of these potatoes havent changed my opinion. I still dont like mashed potatoes. brbrI didnt like the way the potatoes were packed. And some of the potatoes were broken a bit but thats what I get for $22 for 12 pounds. I would have preferred them to be packed in a sturdier box. brbrThe potatoes are a lot smaller than I expected. When I did additional research online, I found that the purple sweet potato ranges in size from fingerling to about 1 pound. Anything larger than 1 pound will be very fibrous. Im not fond of stringy potatoes. brbrIm still absolutely adoring the color and cant wait yo make a cheesecake or sweet potato pie with these little darling purple spuds. Im really enjoying cooking. /p

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