Not so healthy brunch

p class=bloggerplus_image_sectiondiv class=bloggerplus_image_section align=center style=clear:both;img src= class=bloggerplus_text_section align=left style=clear:both;I went to In N Out last night for dinner and had two double-doubles protein style (without the bun). I think the prices went up. I went there again today, after grocery shopping. I needed to buy the ingredients for the purple sweet potato cheesecake I plan on making with the last of the sweet potatoes. I really like In N Out burgers. They arent the largest or fanciest burgers but they are fresh. I dont have to worry about mystery ingredients. brbrIm going to try a nut crust for this cheesecake. I hope it turns out okay. brbrIf it doesnt taste good, I wont be making it again. The batter was good though. I cant wait to dig into one of my little purple cheesecakes. /p

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