Purple sweet potato cheesecake

p class=bloggerplus_image_sectiondiv class=bloggerplus_image_section align=center style=clear:both;img src=http://shavonne.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/4F558D54-A2DF-4A48-BC5C-D717E0D61DC8.jpg/div/pp class=bloggerplus_text_section align=left style=clear:both;Heres a picture of my purple sweet potato cheesecake I made. brbrIt turned out good. I only had one person say they didnt like it. I didnt care too much for the nut crust but considering Im trying to go gluten free, it was better than the flour alternative. I think next time I will add some honey just to give the crust the sweetness folks said it needed. I should post the recipe but I must admit, I didnt come up with the recipe. I got it from a href=http://wellnessmama.com/3351/pumpkin-cheesecake/ target=_selfWellness Mama/a. All I did was substitute the pumpkin with the purple sweet potato. brbrI got seven mini cheesecakes from this recipe with enough batter left over to make an eighth mini pie but ran out of the nut crust. Had I use less crusts for the other pies, I would have had enough crust for the eighth pie. /p

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