Car troubles

p class=bloggerplus_image_sectiondiv class=bloggerplus_image_section align=center style=clear:both;img src= class=bloggerplus_text_section align=left style=clear:both;It happened again. My truck wont start and now I have to wait for a tow truck. I called my mechanic to let him know I will be bringing the truck I tomorrow after work.brbrThis is the last straw. I need a car that is reliable. Or find a mechanic that can fix this one.brbrI need to get another car. I hate car shopping, especially when I cant afford the car I really want.brbrI hate the commuter lifestyle. New York city is very appealing right now as I wouldnt need a car to get around. Good public transportation would be pointless where I live and work. I need to leave this area. /p

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