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A march in March

Here’s what I did right today: 1. Read my Bible 2. Read Psalm 91 3. Read personal affirmation 4. Read 15 pages of success principle book 5. Listened to CDs 6. Prayed I’m not doing so good on my Franklin 13.  I need to add my Franklins to my to do list. This week’s Franklin […]

Movies and daily goals

I didn’t write about what I did right yesterday. I still did most of what I’ve set out to do daily, I just didn’t write about it. The good thing is, I have other ways of keeping metrics on my progress other than my blogs. To continue blogging my progress, today I: 1. read my […]

Trayvon Martin

Not sure what all the fuss is over the Trayvon Martin case, but it is yet another example of what’s wrong in the black community (the BC).  One crazy white man kills a teenaged black kid and the BC goes into an uproar. Mean while, everyday in this country a teenaged black kid will be […]

Franklin 13

Here’s what I did right today: 1. Read my Bible 2. Read my personal affirmation 3. Read 15 pages of success principle book 4. Listened to CDs 5. Read faith card 6. Prayed 7. Read Psalm 91 I felt really congested today. My sinuses made it impossible to feel enthusiastic about anything. Enthusiasm was last […]

Colds and such

I went to the movies with a friend last night. We saw The Hunger Games. It was a good movie. A little twisted seeing children kill each other.  I’ve been in bed all day with a cold. I hate being sick.  Now back to what I did right today. 1. Read my Bible 2. Read […]

Rejection Saga

Here’s my progress for today: 1. Read my Bible 2. Read my faith card (only once, should be reading three times a day). 3. Read 15 pages of success principle book. 4. Read Psalm 91 5. Listened to CDs 6. Read personal affirmation.  7. Approached three people-got two NOs and one YES.  Still having a […]

What I did right

Here’s a run down of what I did right today: 1. I read my Holy Bible. 2. I read Psalm 91 3. I read personal affirmations 4. Read 15 pages of success principle book.  5. Read faith card.  6. Prayed. 7. Listened to CDs Not bad. I need to improve this. I still need to […]

Rejection at the farmers market

I approached two persons today. Both said NO. I was tired and couldn’t muster the energy I needed to continue.  One lady had been involved with Visalus. She said she didn’t have it in her to sell or approach people. The second person(s) was a couple. I wish I had typed their names. I wasn’t […]

Tired of blogging already

I can’t believe I’m burned out on blogging! It seems when you have to stop for a few days, it’s hard to get back into it. I must find the time to get some good posts up. I’m sick of posting pictures.  This ain’t no photo journal.



I’m going to bed. I’ll try to post something tomorrow. 

Post-snow Sunday

Snow Saturday

With Jesus


Sitting outside Bex waiting for folks to show up. The sucky part. Will they come or will they no show. At least one member called to let me know he wouldn’t make it.   Need to get done more stuff on the calendar.  I chickened out again. I only asked one person today. My attempts […]

What Im Reading

I’m rereading the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. It’s a great book.  I recommend reading it if you want to make a change in your life but want to do it on an incremental basis.   The other book I’m reading is the Holy Bible. I suggest you read it even if you are not […]

Get it done

It seems difficult to get rejected or at least I would like to get rejected by people who would make me feel bad. I flaked out today. It seems to be rather challenging just finding people. They are either just busy working because people don’t just naturally mill around in this city. There’s no place […]

Rejection quota

I went to work on my rejection quota today. My goal was to approach 5 people to get a NO, a name (and number), or show a napkin plan.  I did not get the five rejections I was hoping for. I was rejected only three times and showed the napkin plan once. The guy said […]


I spent the day getting all if my receipts together for my appointment with my tax preparer. I didn’t realize it would take all day but it did. I still have to add my plane fares but it will have to wait until next Sunday when I get back from ladies retreat. To ensure things […]


  I discovered my new favorite place to hang out and read/plan. Denny’s is open 24/7. And they have free Wi-fi! It totally beats paying $4 for some disgusting coffee mocha crapo nonsense that will only give me gas later just to sit and relax. I literally spent all day there. I went at 10:30 […]


My iPad was not fully charged so I was unable to work on a document I need to get done before Sunday. The good news is, I was able to work on my plan of action and my personal affirmation on my phone. I just paired up the Bluetooth keyboard I bought for my iPad, […]

Get it done

I have to keep telling myself I can do this.  I can do this. It is do easy to be friendly at work but when I get off work, I can barely muster the enthusiasm I had at work. I’m at the farmers market and I’m beat. All I want to do is go to […]


I went out to meet someone for karaoke. I like karaoke. I can’t sing but that’s why I like karaoke. You don’t have to be a good singer, you just have to like singing. I hope the food is good. I’ve never eaten at Primo’s Cafe. I’ll need to pray the food won’t make me […]


I was on the road all day. I’m so tired. The wind made my drive more stressful than usual. Oh how I hate windy days. What’s up with the weather in California? Whenever we have a beautiful day, the next day is absolutely dreadful. My throat is sore and I have postnasal drip. I’m going […]