Gaining weight

I was 119 pounds this past Thursday, today I’m 124 pounds. That’s five pounds in six days. I’m hoping this is just that time of the month weight.

I shouldn’t be gaining weight so quickly because I had a bout of food poisoning or something and have been running to the bathroom a lot since Sunday morning. Saturday was spring tea at my church and the menu was not primal at all. 

That rice looking stuff is quinoa with raisins. It wasn’t good. There was more bread that meat on the sandwich.  The whole meal was cold. I prefer my meals to taste like it had once had a pulse. 

I want to say it was incorporating the grains and gluten into my diet that got my tummy upset but I won’t know anything until I get a chance to see the ladies tomorrow. If they had the same issues then I can say it was the food. 

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