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The weekend

    I went to a Game Night meetup at The Charleston in Santa Monica last night. It was fun. I met some really great people. I even got a job lead out of it. These events are really great for networking because getting a job nowadays is all about who you know, not what […]


    I feel like I’ve been traveling on this road and I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know why I’m on it, and I feel like I’ve been on it FOREVER with no turn offs or end in sight. My life. This past few years I’ve been to weddings, I’ve seen babies […]


Strawberries are in season and I’m loving it!  I bought some at the farmer’s market this past Saturday but they weren’t sweet. The ones o bought today are much sweeter. Yum. I’m watching The Amazing Spider-Man. I thought Peter’s love interest was a redhead?