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Coursera: The Science of Gastronomy

  I’ve been taking a course at called The Science of Gastronomy. So far I’ve learned I can defrost meat faster if it is in a metal bowl submerged in water. I also learned my taste buds don’t work well. I had to do an experiment based on the taste map. I had to […]

My Blogit Days

So I did some searching and I found that blogger I mentioned yesterday. She can be found at She left blogit a few years after I did and started a self-hosted blogger blog. I need to send her a quick thank you. She was my first bread crumb. I ended up finding my profile […]

I Didnt Know What I Wanted

I didn’t know what I wanted until someone showed me what I could have. I’m very fortunate to have found people who want me to want more than what I was used to seeing around me. And it all started with blog. I stumbled across a blog at written by a black woman. (Blogit […]

Shavonne (the blogs)

I’ve been meaning to post to the blog but haven’t felt motivated. My main reason, I don’t have much to blog about and two, It isn’t easy to blog fromĀ  Tiny Mac (my iPhone). I can’t seem to want to do anything if I have to turn on an actual computer. I have two apps […]