I Didnt Know What I Wanted


I didn’t know what I wanted until someone showed me what I could have. I’m very fortunate to have found people who want me to want more than what I was used to seeing around me. And it all started with blog.

I stumbled across a blog at blogit.com written by a black woman. (Blogit is a website where you can get paid to blog.)  She was a married, Christian black woman who homeschooled her children. Not only that, but her husband (a small business owner) could provide for their family without her having to work.

I’ve personally never a black woman who lived like that. Growing up, I was surrounded by single moms (mostly never married). The women who were married worked and they weren’t married to business owners.

Some years later I was introduced to a couple who lived a similar lifestyle to that blogger I stumbled across years ago. What I loved most about the couple is, the wife adored her husband. I could tell by the way she looked at him. She had respect for him. That’s something I don’t see much from married women.

I never wanted to get married or have children because the examples of marriage and motherhood were what I considered to be nightmares. But, I got glimpses of what I now what because there were people who showed me what I could have. Now, I just need to find a husband.

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