It’s Been a While

I haven’t posted to my blog in a year!

What do I pay for this domain name for? I might as well get my money’s worth.

I’ve been busy learning how to cook and staying active and learning how to invest in real estate. I’m seriously tired of working for someone else and I’m envious of those who’ve managed to find their niche and are making money.

I’ve been practicing that old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all.” It’s been working but it’s left me little to talk about on my blog.

That will have to change.

I have been contributing to a video blog these past 6 months. It’s a pretty boring watch. I’ve gotten bored with video blogging but since I’ve committed to doing a video 365 Project, I’m going to finish.

To start off with a little positive, I’ve been reading PaleOMG┬ábecause the blog is just a good read. Plus, there are paleo recipes I can try. I’m new to the whole cooking thing because of my food allergies and this is one blog I turn to for recipes. Anyways, Julie posted a fashion Friday post which included a picture of one of the most beautiful bags I’ve ever seen. The bag is made by Kelly Moore and it’s Esther bag.

Isn’t it beautiful? The green is just lovely. For the first time in a I wish I were a married woman with kids that way I’d have Mother’s Day or an anniversary to get an awesome gift like this.


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