I did it. I joined Jamberry Nails as a consultant. I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to make some money promoting a product I really, really love. For my first manicure, I chose the Skyline nail wrap in matte. I absolutely loved how my nails turned out and I didn’t do that bad of a job applying the nails. This manicure did not last a full two weeks like the company advertised, BUT this was due to the way I applied the wrap.

For my second manicure I chose the Hot Zebra wrap. My nails turned out amazing! And thanks to watching a few YouTube videos of Jamberry consultants, I learned how to apply my nails so that I would get two weeks out of my manicure.

I applied this wrap to my nails on Sunday, August 24th and they still look dang good. It looks like I need a fill in this pictures because my nails grow fast. I have gotten so many compliments on my nails and I’ve made some money. Win win!

I plan to post a final picture of my nails just before I remove them to put on my next wrap. I’m still trying to decide what Jamberry design I want to use on my nails next.

I have a personal website where you can check out all the designs Jamberry has to offer at shavonne.jamberrynails.net.

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